Never rolled at an another academy before?

Here are a few basic BJJ Open Mat Etiquette rules you should follow:

Academy House Rules

Always respect house rules. If you are not familiar with them… ask before you roll. (You can always call or email ahead.)

  • Never walk on the mats in shoes or flip-flops.
  • Some schools have restrictions on who can roll at an open mat; make sure you’re “cleared” to roll.
  • Some schools also have specific uniform restrictions (i.e. only gi, or only white gis).
  • Some schools have traditions you may be unaware of; i.e. not asking a higher belt to roll, they ask you.
  • Ask if there’s anything else you should know.

Basic BJJ Courtesy

  • Introduce yourself to the professor, and thank him/ her afterward.
  • Always offer or ask about a mat fee.
  • Yield to higher belts when rolling; especially in tight spaces.
  • Be aware of other people rolling around you.
  • Introduce yourself to other students… we all have the same goal.

Basic BJJ Hygiene

  • Wear a clean gi. That also means one without rips or tears.
  • Wear shoes everywhere except on mat… but especially in bathrooms!
  • Make sure your toenails & fingernails are clipped.
  • If you have any cuts, tape them up before hitting the mat.
  • Respect the locker room… it should go without saying, but clean up after yourself. You’re a guest in someone else’s house.

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