Welcome to our Jiu Jitsu Junkie family!

So… what is JiuJitsuJunkie.co?

Jiujitsujunkie.co (“Jiu Jitsu Junkie” or “JJJ” for short) makes connecting to Jiu Jitsu academies and other jiujiteiros outside your home gym simple … whether you’re traveling or just looking for new rolls.

We’re soliciting and listing all the open mat times, locations, and relevant academy information we can find – including a direct link to the address and map for every BJJ open mat nationwide. (Eventually the world?!)

As our site grows so will your ability to find the ideal gym for your needs… especially as the BJJ community adds more listings on their own.

Submit your Open Mat

It doesn’t stop there, if you’re a gym owner and want to extend your arms and welcome additional students we encourage you to add your information or claim to spread the word.

Why We Built Jiu Jitsu Junkies

We have multiple goals starting with spreading our love of getting in a great roll. Our primary goal is scratching our own itch – we travel often and were frustrated by how difficult it was to find Open Mats. So we decided as long as we’re solving that problem for ourselves, we may as well share the results by finding and listing as many BJJ open mats as possible. Eventually we plan to include special events like tournaments and seminars, too.

Our financial goal is to produce enough revenue to recoup costs, maybe pay BJJ dues, and move all remaining profits to well-deserving charities, including Blackbelts for Butterflies and My Bruises are From.

How JiuJitsuJunkie.co Came to Be

Jiu Jitsu Junkie Team
The Jiu Jitsu Junkie Team. From Left: Amanda, Teresa, Abi, Cathryn, Liz & Jack

JiuJitsuJunkie.co began because of the strong, family-like bond formed when you are required to invade personal space and choke people out for fun.

Jiu Jitsu Junkies was initially an idea during a casual conversation between our inspiring brown belt, Abi Pacinelli, and Amanda Orson the one-month-into-training white belt.

But just as jiu-jitsu is not a solo sport neither was this vision.

Soon the team grew from 2, to 3, to 4, now 6 and… that’s what brings us all to you! We want to share our passion for jiu-jitsu, meeting new people  friends/ family, and great training.

We believe Jiu Jitsu Junkie will bring our ever growing community closer together and we’re hopeful a friendship or two will be built from coming together.

Yes, We’re Real People. Come Roll with Us!

If you’re ever in Pennsylvania please stop by Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Downingtown and say hi to Abi, Amanda, Teresa, Liz, Jacklyn, and Cathryn… your new JJJ family!


Thank you for visiting and sharing our passion of an amazing sport that pushes us to complete goals we didn’t know we had.